IMG_20190115_211342_336Through out January I signed up to do something active every day. This was to support Mind and the work they do around mental health.
Firstly, I didn’t think I’d manage to do it and in week 3 I did struggle to make sure I did something. But I did do it and I’m proud that I did.
From the month I’ve tried activities I’ve never done before i have given yoga a go, I’ve hit my step target everyday and as a result won some workweek hustle challenges on fitbit rather than accepting I’ll be last and not tried.
I went on walks, and enjoyed the benefit of being outside even in the freezing temperatures.
An unnecessary pressure I decided to give myself was to post about what I’d done each day on Instagram, not gonna lie I have a new found respect for influencers- it’s hard work trying to think of things to post and to get a good photo of it with all the correct hashtags! I didnt have to post but I wanted to and eventually I wanted to try and do a little fundraising for Mind so needed to get people talking. Which it did, people noticed my posts, asked questions, started conversations and genuinely wanted to know what I had planned for the next day. I also think that was the beauty of not committing to “running everyday” I mixed it up and did different things and as a result tried new things.
I would most definitely do this again and recommend to others to give it ago. You don’t need to be smashing out the 5ks everyday you just need to do something that raisies your heart rate just a little bit and get moving, I did a 20min walk on new years day with a hangover because I said I would do it so I did. If you have the time to scroll through social media you can go on a walk round your block. I’ve lapped my estate a few times but if you just whack your headphones in put on a playlist you enjoy you’ll soon forget that you are even exercising.